SRO Motorsports Group Road To Carbon Neutrality

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As of 2020 SRO has started to actively integrate environmental and social goals into its business operations. Partnering with CSR and environmental experts, we have worked on a sustainability roadmap, with a goal of achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2023.

We are currently developing a carbon reduction strategy based on our first carbon footprint, undertaken by our partner Futerra. We will be starting to implement a number of sustainability efforts as of spring 2021, in the aim of minimizing the carbon footprint, and reducing the wider impact, of our existing championships and business operations.

We will publish our carbon reduction strategy in due course, but some of the concrete carbon reduction actions we are planning to implement into our activities are:

  • Ensuring green energy supplies for SRO offices and facilities
  • Ensuring efficient and lower impact employee travel to and from events
  • Transition to electrical tyre heating blankets from diesel powered heaters
  • Exploring lower carbon logistics operations and models
  • Exploring usage of lower carbon race fuels
  • Motivating green motorsport network by encouraging teams, circuits and key partners to join our efforts in carbon reduction

In addition, SRO will be focussing on wider sustainability initiatives across our operations such as:

  • Improved sorting and recycling of office and facility waste
  • Using more sustainable office supplies and other consumables
  • Sustainable marketing and networking assets (ex. recycled business cards, flyers etc.)
  • Improving the sustainability of merchandising materials

Implementation of our carbon reduction strategies is our top priority, but in parallel with this, we have also begun offsetting our residual carbon emissions by supporting a forest conservation project through our partner Permian Global.

Permian Global is working to protect and restore large areas of forest throughout the tropics and we are delighted to be able to contribute towards their green network of:

  • Protecting targeted areas of natural tropical forest that are under threat of damage or conversion:
    • Preventing the conversion of forest land for industrial purposes
    • Monitoring and protecting the forests from fires
    • Protection from illegal poaching
    • Protection from illegal logging
  • Forest regeneration activities
  • Transforming local economies away from those based on exploitation of natural resources, to those driven by sustainability and environmental protection
  • Providing tailored community outreach to ensure health care, access to clean water and sanitation is provided to local communities

Sustainability Roadmap

  • 2020

    Carbon footprint assessment and decarbonization strategy creation

  • 2021 – 2022

    Implementation of carbon reduction strategy and carbon offsetting

  • 2023 and beyond

    SRO operating at carbon neutrality, whilst continuing to implement further carbon reductions and actively encouraging a sustainable motorsport network